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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Girl on the Write Publishing?

Girl on the Write Publishing was founded by Tina Truax in 2016. As a veteran author, Tina has extensive experience shopping manuscripts to agents, traditional publishers, and in the self-publishing landscape.

A firm believer that there is a better, friendlier, and more author-centered way to get books into the hands of readers, Tina created a business model with those principles in mind. Girl on the Write Publishing is your partner, first and foremost.

At the core of our guiding principles, is the belief that an author’s creative work is exclusive to them, not us. Girl on the Write Publishing makes no claims to original content submitted to us for publishing. We only ask for the right to distribute your work through print and electronic means for as long as you desire. On top of that, we do not charge authors distribution, delivery, or administrative fees. We make no claims to net profits from your book sales.

How are you different than other publishing options (traditional, indie, self-pub)?

Our differentiator is rooted in our business model, and in our author-centered philosophy. It is a fact that not all great storytellers are great writers. This means that great stories, those that have power and purpose, often go untold.

Traditional Publishing – To reach the desks of a large publishing house, authors must use an agent middleman. This requires hours, if not days/weeks/years of putting together a query package, in hopes of being chosen. The truth is that even if you land an agent, there is no guarantee that a traditional publishing house will pick up your book. That’s a significant amount of time and energy for a maybe.

Indie Publishing– Yes, Girl on the Write Publishing falls into this category, however, our business model is what sets up apart from the crowd. You will find that most indie publishers come at a high cost. We’ve done the research, and have found a huge discrepancy in these costs throughout the industry. We also found that, in addition to high costs, many indie publishers do not offer marketing and editing services.

Self-Publishing – Let’s be honest, most authors, unless you are one of the breakout stars, have day jobs. While it is wonderful that self-publishing has become a viable way for authors to get their work into circulation, it comes with a price. Most self-published authors invest a staggering amount of time on industry research, marketing, promotion, financial management, etc. On top of that, they end up paying for editing, cover design, and proofreading services at the very least. A quality self-published book with a sales future requires these investments.

Girl on the Write Publishing eliminates all of these obstacles.

How does Girl on the Write Publishing vet submissions?

Girl on the Write Publishing is committed to spotlighting women’s issues, especially those told by women. We accept nonfiction manuscripts that empower, uplift, inspire, and serve as a positive contribution to readers. Specific submission requirements can be found here: Submission Guidelines.

Note: Manuscripts containing racist, sexist, threatening, violent, or malicious content of any kind will automatically be rejected for publication.

What publishing services do you offer, and what is the cost?

Girl on the Write Publishing offers an all-inclusive Premier Publisher package for a one-time up-front fee of $4,900 USD. Services include (not an exhaustive list):

  • Project Management
    • Life of Book
  • Production
    • Editorial – developmental, copyediting, proofreading
    • Cover Design
    • Cover Copy
    • Interior Page Design
    • Printing
    • eBook Conversion
  • Distribution (Print & eBooks)
    • US & International
    • Amazon
    • Barnes & Noble
    • Apple
    • Ingram
    • Baker & Taylor
    • Gardner
    • Additional online and retail outlets
  • Marketing & Promotion
    • Targeted Review Submissions
    • Targeted Blog Outreach
    • Amazon Optimization
    • Social Media Strategy
    • Author Branding
    • Positioning and Content Strategy
    • Press Release with Press Kit
    • Author Website with Custom Domain
    • Metadata Management
    • Author Signings
    • Book Launch
  • Business Management
    • Payment Processing
    • Vendor Relations
    • Author Point-of-Contact
    • Industry Expertise
    • ISBN
    • Copyright Registration
    • LCCN

Why is the Premier Publisher fee due up-front?

Publishing a physical book requires upfront investment. We pay in advance for quite a few pieces of your book’s development. These pieces include editing and creative services, ISBN, Copyright registration, and custom domain name, to name a few. This isn’t an exhaustive list, as there are more upfront costs on top on the ones mentioned.

If you are concerned about paying for services before your product is complete, please know that the fee, as well as the services you receive for your payment (Premier Publisher package), are itemized in detail in the terms of the Publisher/Author contract. This is to protect you, and us, so we can move on and produce a great book in the spirit of partnership.

Does Girl on the Write Publishing pay advances to signed authors?

No. As an independent publisher, we do not offer advances to our authors.

What book formats to you offer?

We currently offer print books in hard and soft cover, along with eBooks. We plan to offer audio books at a future date TBD.

Why does Girl on the Write only offer Print on Demand (POD) technology for physical books?

Print on demand technology has greatly improved cost-effectiveness for publishers and authors since its introduction. We use POD technology to eliminate warehousing costs associated with overstock, and to make sure your title is always available for purchase. Books printed via POD are durable and of high quality that matches any printing press production.

The harsh reality is that, despite our best efforts, there is no guarantee your book is going to sell. Printing in mass production, and incurring warehousing costs is not economical for today’s authors.

If an author is adamant about mass producing their book, we will be happy to work with them and find the best option.

Does Girl on the Write Publishing take additional fees from author earnings for each book sale?

No. Unlike most of our indie competitors, we do not lay claim to even the smallest fee of our author’s earnings. Our philosophy is “one and done.” The one-time, upfront investment you make for the Premier Publisher package is the only fee you pay for our services. We thoughtfully created our all-inclusive package with the cost of these services built in.

How do I get paid?

Girl on the Write Publishing distributes 100% net earnings (after retailer’s fees have been deducted) to authors on a quarterly basis. Exact distribution dates will be included in the Publisher/Author Contract. All payments will be processed through PayPal and deposited into an author’s PayPal account.

How does Girl on the Write Publishing manage distribution for print and eBooks?

There is a strategy to targeted distribution when it comes to your book’s subject matter. That’s where your Business Manager comes in handy. Aside from strategy, we keep up with industry trends, and what retailers hold the most selling power. Currently, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple lead the way, with a small share of the market claimed by Kobo and Google Play. This is an important piece of our distribution strategy. We want your books available where they will most likely be purchased. This is pretty straightforward, but takes monitoring.

How are my books purchased?

Your print and ebooks will be available for purchase through major online retailers such as and, just to name a couple. You will also have the ability to sell directly through your website, and at signing and speaking events.

Specific distribution channels will be discussed throughout your books development process.

How does the editing process work?

When you sign with Girl on the Write Publishing, your book will be assigned to one of our experienced and talented editors who will see your book’s development to completion.

How does the cover design process work?

Girl on the Write Publishing’s Art Director will work with you on your book cover vision. She will guide you from initial brainstorming, through final proof. You will have creative input throughout the process, and will receive guidance and education about this important piece of marketing and branding your book.